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Bibble 1.09 improves colour  
Friday, July 21, 2000 | by
Bibble 1.09, the latest version of Eric Hyman's .NEF browsing and processing application for Windows, cleans up the slight red tinge that Hyman felt was present in some .NEF and JPEG photos processed through earlier versions. Says the author:

While bibble had very good color before, some folks noticed that the images had a bit of a red tinge to them. That cast is gone, and bibble is now delivering its best most vibrant color ever.

White balance has also been enhanced. Not only can you override the cameras selection of one of the 6 basic settings, you can also further modify that setting up or down by 3 'clicks' in each direction (Just like on the camera). With this enhancement you have 36 different WB settings to choose from with color temperatures ranging from 2750K all the way up to almost 8000K. This makes it even easier than ever to worry about WB after the fact.

The colour tweaks should make it into the Mac version next week.

Other changes include:

  • Added ability to rotate clockwise using the Auto rotate function
  • Changed 'Color correction' to automatic when using ICC modes
  • Fixed problem with Bibble forgetting option changes made while preview dialog was open
  • Fixed out of memory bug in Photoshop plug-in
  • Fixed display of previews with monitor mode enabled.
  • Fixed problem with images being inaccessible after opening in Bibble
  • Beefed up Bibble's online documentation

Bibble v1.09 is available in a trial version, and is US$75 to register.

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