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onOne Software submits new version of DSLR Camera Remote to Apple's App Store  
Wednesday, February 10, 2010 | by Rob Galbraith
onOne Software has submitted DSLR Camera Remote 1.3 for the iPhone and iPod Touch to Apple's App Store. It fixes several bugs, enables LiveView and Bulb exposure mode to be used simultaneously and adds support for the Canon EOS 7D and EOS-1D Mark IV plus the Nikon D3S.

Handy: An earlier version of onOne Software's DSLR Camera Remote controlling a Nikon D700 through the air (Photo by Rob Galbraith/Little Guy Media)

DSLR Camera Remote Lite 1.3 is already available. DSLR Camera Remote Pro 1.3, the full-featured version of the app that allows for remote adjustment of camera settings, is not yet live. It should be available via this link once Apple releases it. (Update: DSLR Camera Remote Pro 1.3 is now online.)

Updates to either version are free. New licenses are US$1.99 for DSLR Camera Remote Lite and US$19.99 for DSLR Camera Remote Pro. More information about DSLR Camera Remote is in a previous article.

DSLR Camera Remote Server 1.3 for Mac and Windows, the companion computer program required for linking up with DSLR Camera Remote 1.3 on your iPhone or iPod Touch, can be downloaded from onOne's website (complete the form at the top then scroll down the page to locate the software). The release notes for DSLR Camera Remote Server 1.3 list one change, in addition to support for the new cameras and features in DSLR Camera Remote 1.3: "Added a new network testing URL to the log window for troubleshooting networking issues".

Note that version 1.3 of the server program is currently described as "v1.3 Lite" on the download page, but there is in fact only one v1.3 server release and its designed to operate with either DSLR Camera Remote Lite or Pro v1.3.

If you are a DSLR Camera Remote Pro 1.2 user now, however, you'll want to wait until Apple has has made DSLR Camera Remote Pro 1.3 available before replacing DSLR Camera Remote Server 1.2 on your computer with DSLR Camera Remote Server 1.3, since the iPhone/iPod Touch app and computer server program versions act as matched pairs. (Update: DSLR Camera Remote Pro 1.3 is now online.)
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