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Lexar 80X second edition cards: an update  
Thursday, September 9, 2004 | by Rob Galbraith

Thanks to all the photographers who've written us recently, both to inquire about the shipping status of the Lexar 80X second edition CompactFlash cards, as well as to ask when we'll be updating the CompactFlash Performance Database to include performance numbers from production-level 80X second edition units.

Though we're aware of scattered reports around the Web indicating that the new cards began to appear at dealers towards the beginning of September, the word we received from Lexar earlier this week is that the cards had not yet begun to ship, though they would soon.

This doesn't necessarily make the chatter in Internet forums incorrect, but it does mean that the information we have from Lexar is different than the information circulating out there, so be aware of that for now when making a CF card purchase.

We can say for sure that we don't have production-level 80X second edition cards in-house to test as yet, which means we're not able to guesstimate when we'll have test data rolled into the CompactFlash Performance Database for these cards (though most sections in the database include performance figures for near-final engineering samples).

For more information on the distinction between original and second edition 80X cards from Lexar, please see Some Lexar 80X are More Equal Than Others in this July 29, 2004 article.

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