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Nikon tests its software with Intel-based Macs  
Monday, June 26, 2006 | by Eamon Hickey

The technical support sites of Nikon Europe and Nikon USA have posted the results of compatibility tests that the company has conducted with Intel-based Macs and Nikon software.

Of special note is the company's statement that Nikon Capture 4.2 and later cannot be installed on Intel-based Macs and that Nikon is "investigating the possibility" of including support for Intel Macs in Capture 4.

Our own experience with Capture 4.4.1 is that if the application's parts are copied over from an installation on a PowerPC Mac, Capture Editor runs just fine on an Intel Mac (though slowly), while Capture Control will not see either USB- or FireWire-connected cameras. In other words, the main stumbling block is getting the application onto an Intel-powered Mac, since the installation process won't complete. And even when manually installed, tethered operation isn't possible. While we haven't tried this here, we've heard from several photographers now that Capture Control in v4.2 and possibly 4.1 as well will link properly to the D70 and D70s but not necessarily other Nikon USB models.

The upcoming Camera Control Pro, which is derived from Capture Control, is expected to be similarly incompatible with Intel Macs, at least at the time of its release.

Also tested, with varying results, were PictureProject, Nikon View, Wireless Camera Setup Utility, Wireless Connecting Utility, Nikon Scan, Coolpix Remote Control, and nik Color Efex Pro 2.0.

Compatibility testing results for Capture NX 1.0 will be posted later, says Nikon. The company has previously stated that it will not be a Universal Binary application when it's first lauched.

The Nikon USA and Nikon Europe statements appear to be derived from a Japanese-language page on the Nikon Imaging web site that appeared earlier this month.

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 Added feedback regarding Capture 4.1/4.2 and midrange Nikon digital SLRs (June 27, 2006)

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