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Rejuvenators rebuild battery packs  
Wednesday, December 26, 2001 | by
Dallas Morning News staffer Andy Scott notes that John Falkenberg of Battery Rejuvenators is now rebuilding battery packs for the Kodak DCS 5xx/Canon EOS D2000/6000, 6xx and 7xx series for US$70 each. Scott indicates that the 12 packs he has turned in for rebuilding so far seem to outperform the 1700mAh NiMH Kodak GOLD packs that currently ship with the DCS 720X and DCS 760. Scott notes that Battery Rejuvenators is not able to rebuild batteries with cracked casings. It's also worth noting that with new Kodak battery packs available for about US$100, it's probably only cost-effective to have older packs rebuilt by Calgary, Canada-based Battery Rejuvenators if a number of packs can be shipped at one time. The company also sells, rebuilds and conditions NC2000e and DCS 3 battery packs at a considerable savings over Kodak packs. Contact John Falkenberg at Battery Rejuvenators at +1 (403) 243-5283 (John doesn't have an email address).
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