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ShutterSnitch for iPhone, iPad combines FTP server and automatic photo display  
Monday, May 3, 2010 | by Rob Galbraith
Ready to Serve: ShutterSnitch 1.1.0 running on an iPhone 3GS. Click photo to enlarge (Photo by Rob Galbraith/Little Guy Media)
ShutterSnitch for iPhone, iPod touch and now iPad combines an FTP server, automatic display of incoming JPEGs, pinch zooming and more into a neat app for photographers using a wireless transmitter or Eye-Fi card.

With it, photos you shoot with an FTP-capable camera, including most Canon and Nikon digital SLRs coupled to one of their accessory transmitters or loaded up with an Eye-Fi SD wireless memory card, can be sent directly to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad over a Wi-Fi network. Once they land, ShutterSnitch will automatically present them, along with basic EXIF info.

Its Eye-Fi support enables direct FTP transmission to the device, bypassing Eye-Fi's servers. You can also prep a picture to send as an email attachment, move pictures within the app's albums (called Collections) and save pictures to the Camera Roll. It's possible to log into ShutterSnitch's FTP server from an FTP client on a computer and copy pictures back and forth, delete files and so on.

RAW format photos and video can be transferred to but not displayed by ShutterSnitch. Both the device it's running on and the transmitter must be linked to the same wireless network; the app itself does not create one.

Version 1.1.0, released last week, has been expressly designed for the iPad's 9.7 inch screen. ShutterSnitch is US$7.99 from the iTunes App Store. More information is on the developer's website. As of this writing we've only just installed ShutterSnitch and haven't given it much of a workout, but it makes a very good first impression on an iPhone 3GS. With the help of an iPad it could be a great way for a client or art director to monitor the progress of a shoot.

Update, May 4, 2010: A crashing problem in v1.1.0 related to Eye-Fi transfers has been fixed in v1.1.1. The new version is in Apple's App Store approval queue now, says the developer.
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