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CIPA revises digital and film camera shipment projections  
Saturday, September 16, 2006 | by Rob Galbraith

The Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA), an industry group in Japan that tracks both domestic market and export shipments of both film and digital cameras, has revised their projections for 2006 through 2008. Scanning through the new forecasts reveals a few interesting tidbits of data:

  • Digital SLR sales in 2006 are strong, but they haven't been quite as strong as CIPA projected back in January 2006. As such, they've reduced slightly the year-over-year growth expectations throughout the forecast period. Still, in 2008, total shipments of interchangeable lens digital cameras are expected to surpass 5.5 million units, up from almost 3.8 million units in 2005.

  • Digital cameras with built-in lenses, a category dominated by compact models, are selling well ahead of projections through the first seven months of 2006. As a result, CIPA is anticipating shipments of just under 68.5 million for this year, which is significantly higher than the just over 62.5 million predicted at the start of 2006. In 2005, total shipments of this kind of digital camera was nearly 61 million; in 2008, this number is now expected to climb to over 72 million.

  • Film cameras shipments are dropping faster than projected, and the earlier projections weren't exactly rosy. For example, shipments of a category comprised mostly of 35mm film SLR cameras are expected to drop from 543,000 in 2005 to 98,000 in 2008.

More details, including regional breakdowns, can be found in a CIPA press release.

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