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Phase One updates Capture One to v5.2  
Tuesday, September 14, 2010 | by Rob Galbraith
Phase One has posted v5.2 of Capture One, Capture One Pro and Capture One DB for Mac and Windows. The program's Lens Cast Calibration feature has been extended to digital SLR RAW files from select cameras and now supports dust removal as well, NEF conversion quality has been improved for nine different Nikon digital SLRs, RAW conversion support has been added for the Leica X1 and tethered operation with Leaf Aptus II backs has been improved.

The full list of stated changes (from the Read Me):

Features and enhancements:

  • LCC based dust removal.
  • LCC support for Leaf portable files (also used for tethered operation)
  • LCC support for large number of DSLR RAW formats.
  • Live View support for Leaf backs and Mamiya DM systems.
  • Significantly improved tethered performance for Leaf Aptus II series backs.
  • Updated firmware for selected Leaf backs and Mamiya DM systems.
  • More camera controls supported for some cameras.
  • Preferences to disable tethered support based on camera make.
  • Color tag in processed file.
  • New lens profile for Phase One 35mm lens
  • New lens profile for Schneider Kreuznach LS 110mm lens.
  • Improved P65+ image quality.
  • Improved colors and consistency on a number of Nikon cameras (*)
  • Improved tone response in ISO mode L1.0, L0.7 and L0.3 for a number of Nikon cameras (*)
  • A number of bug fixes.

(*) Nikon D3s, D3x, D3, D2x, D700, D300, D300s, D90 and D80.

Additional camera file support:

  • Leica X1

Capture One 5.2, Capture One 5.2 Pro and Capture One 5.2 DB
are all free updates for licensed users of comparable v5.x versions. A 30 day trial is available.

Thanks to Paul Steunebrink for bringing this to our attention.
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