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Production of Paul C. Buff Einstein 640 monolight commencing next week  
Friday, March 12, 2010 | by Rob Galbraith
Validation of preproduction Paul C. Buff Einstein 640 monolights is now complete, clearing the way for the building of shipping units. Manufacturing will begin with a small number of lights initially, says company founder Paul Buff, ramping up towards full scale production in the weeks that follow.

Buff indicates it will take some time to make, box up and ship the nearly 3000 units he says have been pre-ordered. Those on the pre-order list can expect to be contacted by the company in the next several weeks to confirm their order and make arrangements for payment, prior to shipping. Based on the current production schedule, an April 2010 ship date for pre-ordered units is likely.

The short term production goal, says Buff, is to fairly quickly amass an inventory of 5000 Einstein 640s, once any unanticipated kinks in the production process have been worked out.

A PDF of the preliminary Einstein 640 user guide is now online.

Illuminating: Views of the Paul C. Buff Einstein 640 with optional CSXCV transceiver module attached. Click either photo to enlarge (Photos courtesy Paul C. Buff)

Colour temperature consistency and crisp freezing of motion are the signature features promised for the Einstein 640, which was unveiled in October 2009. Other features include worldwide power compatibility, full power recycle time of 1.7 seconds, 2.5-640ws range in 1/10-stop increments, digital controls and compatibility with the Cyber Commander wireless control system (this requires the optional CSXCV transceiver). More information is in a previous article.

Revision History
March 15, 2010: Clarified details regarding Einstein 640 shipping schedule

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