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ShutterSnitch 2.1 improves zoom, adds star ratings to JPEGs (updated)  
Thursday, April 14, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
ShutterSnitch, the stellar app for receiving pictures wirelessly on an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, has been updated to v2.1. Smoother zooming (the blocks-coming-together weirdness of the zoom function has been eliminated), the ability to add star ratings to JPEGs (which are then recognized by Photo Mechanic, Photoshop Lightroom and other star ratings-savvy programs), an overexposed highlights alert and SmugMug export are among the list of refinements in the new release.

The full list of stated changes is below. Note that ShutterSnitch 2.1 requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Update, April 16, 2011: Export to an FTP server is not working properly in v2.1. Developer Brian Gerfort has fixed the problem in ShutterSnitch 2.1.1, which has been submitted to Apple for approval. He estimates it will come available in the App Store by about April 25.

Added setting to change the preferred color of the browser background.
Added a pie progress indicator when Actions are uploading to locations.
Star rating is now saved to JPEG files.
Importing photos from the Photos app / camera now includes the metadata of the file.
Saving to the Photos app now includes the metadata of the photos.
Added a Settings option to choose if the image masks should be visible on an attached external screen or during slideshows.
Tapping the tool button now offers a Limited Mode option. It will let the user browse the contents of the collection with a customizable set of functions (Mail, Delete, Rate).
You can now resize the photos to a custom maximum size when mailing and exporting to a location.
"Change photo" Action added. With this, you can now resize and/or watermark a photo when it arrives. Note that this will REPLACE the original file!
From the "Warnings" dialog, you can now enable a highlight alert that will make overexposed areas of the photos blink red.
An indicator now shows if a zoomed photo is not yet rendered completely. (Can be disabled in the settings)
Added size-info when tapping and holding a collection.
Added "free disk space" info to the title of the Options popup in the collection overview. When there's only 100MB free it'll also show in the collection titlebar.
SmugMug added to the Locations.
Prettier zooming..
You can now add/edit locations when adding an Action.

ShutterSnitch 2.1 is a free update for licensed users of any earlier ShutterSnitch 2.x release; it can be downloaded from within iTunes on your computer, or from within the App Store app on your iOS device. A new license is US$15.99 (or the approximate equivalent) from Apple's iTunes App Store.
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