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Kodak releases DCS 760M  
Saturday, December 29, 2001 | by
Black and white aficionados, take note: Kodak Professional's Jay Kelbley indicates that the DCS 760M, a monochrome version of the company's high-resolution DCS 760 digital SLR, has already begun to ship in the US.

The US$10,995 (list price; dealers usually sell for less) camera, a follow-on to the DCS 660M, features an ISO range of 400-800 and the ability to generate a 12 bit Linear TIFF in addition to Kodak's standard-issue raw DCR, JPEG and 8 bit finished TIFF file format options.

More information on the DCS 760M is expected after the first of the year. Kodak recently updated its Photo Desk and Camera Manager applications to support the new black and white model.

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