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Kodak USA drops prices on 620, 620x  
Wednesday, July 12, 2000 | by
Kodak USA this week has dropped the dealer cost on the Kodak DCS 620 and DCS 620x, enabling Kodak Professional resellers to offer one of the DCS 620 packages at a price that's within spitting distance of the D1's price for the first time since Nikon's pro digital camera began shipping last fall. Major Kodak dealers in the U.S., and perhaps other regions as well, are expected to take about US$1000 off the cost of a DCS 620, and about US$2000 off a DCS 620x.
  • The DCS 620, with an anti-aliasing filter, dual-slot charger, AC adapter and power cable set is now about US$6000.

  • The DCS 620 Base Camera Kit, which includes a lower-cost IR Blocking filter in place of the anti-aliasing filter, and no charger, AC adapter or power cable set, is now about US$5500.

  • The DCS 620x, which began shipping only last month, is now about US$6400.

The price decreases are part of a Kodak promotion that is effective until October 15th. Note that these prices are preliminary estimates; the two dealers that I spoke with indicated they hadn't yet decided on final pricing.

Prices on other Kodak cameras have dropped as well, though not as part of the same promotion: the DCS 315, complete with an IX-Nikkor 24-70 mm lens, has a new suggested list price of US$1795, and an expected street price of about US$1500. The DCS 330 has a new suggested list price of US$3495, with an expected street price of about US$3000.

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