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Version 3.0.14 of Kodak pro digital camera firmware posted  
Saturday, April 15, 2000 | by
Bob Deutsch notes that Kodak has posted v3.0.14 of the firmware for the Kodak DCS 520, DCS 620 and related pro cameras. Kodak's website indicates that the firmware update fixes a formatting problem with certain Lexar PC Cards; the Read Me document for v3.0.14, however, indicates that it improves compatibility with Calluna PC Cards.

Absent from the update is a fix for an incompatibility with the built-in FireWire ports on the newest Mac Powerbooks. Kodak's website recently noted that the acquire software's Read Me incorrectly states that this fix would be in v3.0.14; the actual fix is apparently slated to be released later this quarter in another firmware update.

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