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Muzzle your camera noise  
Tuesday, February 26, 2002 | by
The US$100 (approx. street price) Camera Muzzle sound blimp has been redesigned to include a viewing port for the rear LCD monitor of a digital SLR camera. In addition, zippers have replaced the velcro of previous versions, for quieter insertion and removal of the camera. The Muzzle is now stuffed with the same sound-deadening material found in industrial earplugs. Two models are available, one for Canon SLR bodies, the other for Nikon. Sam Cranston, the designer of the Camera Muzzle, says that most recent film and digital SLR cameras should fit nicely inside, except for Kodak's early-generation NC 2000 and DCS 3 (and other Kodak DCS cameras from that era), which at best will be an uncomfortably tight fit. An August 2000 story on this site looks at an earlier incarnation of the Camera Muzzle in detail. Contact Sam Cranston at for more information.

Camera Muzzle - front view (left); rear view showing LCD monitor and  viewfinder cutout (right).

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