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Video walk-through of NYT staffer Tyler Hicks filing photos from Afghanistan  
Monday, June 6, 2011 | by Eamon Hickey
In 2008, while embedded with a U.S. Marine combat unit in Afghanistan, videographer Bill Gentile shot an interesting 14-minute video of New York Times staff photographer Tyler Hicks going through the process of downloading, selecting, and filing images from a day in Afghanistan's Helmand Valley. This past March, when Hicks was a captive of the Libyan government (he was later released), Gentile posted the video as a show of support for his colleague.

In the video, which gives a peek at the parallel worlds and tools of journalists and soldiers on patrol together, Hicks talks about the working conditions for a photographer in Afghanistan, which include little or no access to electricity in the field, an environment permeated by dust, and temperatures as high as 120F/49C.

Difficult Conditions: NYT staffer Tyler Hicks filing photos from Afghanistan (Video courtesy of Bill Gentile)

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