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IPTC launches campaign for permanent metadata in digital media  
Thursday, December 15, 2011 | by Eamon Hickey
The International Press Telecommunications Council, along with two advertiser associations and other organizations, have launched what they are calling a campaign "to embed descriptive and rights information in digital media and to retain it during the whole life cycle." 

The IPTC's statement doesn't describe what mechanisms they envision to achieve this goal; it focuses instead on making the case for the need for more durable metadata in digital photo, text, audio, and video files. But the initiative appears to be an effort to begin coordinating producers and users of digital media with hardware and software manufacturers who might presumably develop technologies to enable permanent, or more permanent, metadata embedding. 

The campaign is based on the principles define in the Embedded Metadata Manifesto, according to the IPTC's statement. 

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