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Olympus announces 8MP EVOLT E-300 digital SLR, lenses  
Monday, September 27, 2004 | by Eamon Hickey

Olympus has unveiled its second Four Thirds format digital SLR, an 8-megapixel model aimed at entry-level buyers and dubbed the EVOLT E-300.

It sports some unusual design elements to keep its profile relatively small and lightweight, as well as an aluminum chassis, Olympus's "Supersonic Wave Filter" to shake dust off the sensor, simultaneous RAW+JPEG shooting mode, a continuous shooting rate of 2.5 frames per second with a 4 image RAW buffer, and a sensitivity range of ISO 100-1600 (with 800 and 1600 apparently accessed via a separate "boost" mode).

The camera's sensor is the Kodak KAF-8300CE, a full-frame transfer CCD that produces 3264 x 2448-pixel images (7.99 megapixels).

The EVOLT will begin shipping in December, and no price has been set for it yet.

Olympus's various web sites have yet to post information on this camera or are otherwise difficult to access, and the most complete and easily accessible information on the EVOLT E-300, as well as several pictures of this odd-looking camera, are currently available at DCResource.

Though information on these, too, is scarce, Olympus has also apparently announced three new E-system lenses:

  • 7-14mm f/4.0
  • 14-45mm f/3.5-5.6
  • 40-150mm f3.5-4.5

Four Thirds format lenses have a 2X focal length conversion factor relative to lenses for 35mm cameras.

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