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MacBibble v1.0 released  
Tuesday, September 5, 2000 | by
MacBibble, an application for processing raw .NEF files shot with the Nikon D1, has emerged from pre-release status. While officially revved to v1.0 yesterday, the latest version of MacBibble contains many of the enhancements found in v1.99 of Bibble for Windows. Coinciding with the v1.0 posting is a price increase from US$75 to US$99. MacBibble is fully-functional for 10 days before key features are disabled.

The Read Me included with the software details the changes in v1.0:

This release represents all the features of MacBibble being online. All of the power of the original Bibble are now yours to use in MacBibble, as well as some unique macintosh features (preview icons)

MacBibble is currently shareware and includes a free fully functioning 10-Day trial. During that ten days, everything will function normally. If after ten days, you have not registered, all of MacBibble's major functions will cease to function. In homage to Bibble's roots, you will *always* be able to process single D1 raw NEF files, even if you haven't registed.

MacBibble's photoshop plugin should install automatically now. Please read MacPhotoshop.txt for info on the need to increase photoshops memory usage for the MacBibble Photoshop plug-in.

To batch process with MacBibble, merely select a source and destination folder and MacBibble will process all of the JPG or NEF files in the sources folder and send them to destination folder. Note that if you have "preview image options" enabled MacBibble will pause to let you preview each image. For unattended batching, turn this option off.

MacBibble's browser will let you browse JPG and NEF files. Viewing actual untouched camera images with the browser is lightning fast, though files from other sources can be browsed as well.

Anytime you open a file with no preview icon in it, MacBibble will create both finder preview icons, as well as "Pnot" previews for use in photoshop. This will also happen with any file you save in macbibble.

Please read the PC version readme.txt for an overview of what MacBibble can do.

MacBibble currently needs a full 80 megabytes of RAM all to itself. If you don't have this much free memory, it won't run.

Machine Requirements:
A PowerMac G3 or higher with a minimum of 128 megabytes of RAM is recomended. OS 8.5 or higher is required, as well as a video card that supports 32-bit video. Virtual Memory is required for the minimal conifiguration.

MacBibble was developed under OS 9, but should work fine with OS 8.5. Most succesful Macbibble users are running OS 9 at this time. Also, at this time, upgraded "Old" style Macs are not supported, only newer PowerMac G3 and newer machines.

MacBibble requires a minimum:
Colorsync 2.5
Navigation Services 1.1

Note Colorsync 2.6.1 or higher is *strongly* recommended. While MacBibble will work with version 2.5, there were bugs in its handling of conversion of 16-bit per channel data that resulted in trashed images in MacBibble. I have implemented a work around that alllows ColorSync 2.5 to work, but MacBibble's performance will suffer (slower with color correction on).

If you have any questions, comments, criticisms or problems, please drop me a line at:

The more info you provide about any problems, the more likely I will be able to address them.

MacBibble is Copyright 2000, Eric Hyman, all rights reserved.

Also, while MacBibble is currently being distributed as shareware, I still hold all rights to it, including the right to control its distribution. MacBibble may not be redistributed without my direct permission. Please contact me at for more info.

09/04/00 Mac 1.0

*New* MacBibble automatically creates finder and photoshop preview icons for all files
*NEW* Apply all of bibbles "processes" to previews and batches(Color, HSV, USM, Noise, Sharpen).
*NEW* Enhancements to noise filter. Dramatically reduces Noise. 4 levels of noise/detail
*NEW* Small histogram on options screen for both origianl and finished image.
Added Renaming options in batch processing (Sequential with basename, Prefix+Suffix or data/time)
Added "EXIF Only" type to batch output for just writing out EXIF to a txt file in a batch (No image conversion)
Enlarged preview Window.
Removed unused Monitor options.
Fixed Batches so that you can cancel them correctly.
Fixed Clipping with HSV Saturation (switched to HLS)
Fixed Memory Leaks.
Fixed some issues relating to monitor correction and jpegs.
Changed scale of S & V in HSV. finer controls.
Fixed Autorotation. I accidentally got Whacked in the revisions.
Fixed Major bug in Mac White Balance Override. Gave incorrect color when used.
Fixed problem where canceling preview dialog hosed menus.
Fixed problem with location of batch saved jpegs when using previews.
Fixed EXIF getting lost from jpegs (Yucky bug).
Fixed bug with jpeg save levels defaulting to same value.
Fixed (I hope!) The Buzzwords plugin problem. If it happens, apple-Q to quit a reload.
Trial extended.

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