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Photo Mechanic 4.1 for Mac nearing release  
Tuesday, February 3, 2004 | by Rob Galbraith

Version 4.1 of Camera Bits Photo Mechanic for Mac, a popular photo browser with news and sports photographers, has recently entered the private beta testing phase. The new version is a major revamp that will dramatically improve the speed and functionality of the program while also bringing to a pro Mac browser a fully colour-managed view of original digital SLR photos.

Major changes in the program will include:

  • Turbocharged browsing. Automatic generation of preview-size images in the background completely changes how fast the program feels compared to v3.2.7. This under-the-hood feature will allow photographers to blaze through a folder of photos at even near-full screen size quickly, often as fast as the Next Photo button can be clicked. The beta release already works this way, even on a G4/800 Powerbook: the program pauses slightly before showing the next photo only with aggressive clicking of the Next Photo button, and with no lag at all once all the previews have been generated.

Photo Mechanic 4.1 for Mac's Preview window

  • Intelligent colour management. The new release of Photo Mechanic for Mac will be fully colour managed, with the necessary smarts to handle the fact that, in some cases, the JPEG and standard TIFF files created by some digital SLR cameras are tagged with incorrect information about the colour space required for proper viewing. With supported camera models, Photo Mechanic ignores the incorrect information when necessary and displays the photo in the the appropriate colour space. For example, it will display Canon EOS-1D files shot on Color Matrix 4 in Adobe RGB, despite the fact that the camera mistakenly marks its JPEGs with information in the EXIF ColorSpace field to indicate sRGB. Colour management support includes the optional embedding of ICC profiles into JPEGs, as well as support for newer cameras that use a method permitted under the EXIF 2.2.1/DCF 2.0 specification to denote a file as Adobe RGB.

  • Resizeable thumbnails (7 different sizes), resizeable Contact Sheets and configurable Preview windows. A Contact Sheet now includes a Favorite Folders pane for quick access to regularly-browsed folders, while the Preview window can be configured to show a single photo or two photos together for comparison, with or without shooting information, navigation controls or a mini thumbnail browser.

Photo Mechanic 4.1 for Mac's Contact Sheet window

  • Drag and drop. New folders can be added to the Favorite Folder pane by dragging and dropping the folder from the Finder or from a separate Folder Navigator area, photos can be copied by dragging and dropping a Contact Sheet thumbnail from the program into a Finder window and more.

  • Revamped transfers of photos from camera storage media. Photo Mechanic's Ingest Disks function gains the ability to transfer only files that have been protected in the camera (for a quicker start to the editing process on deadline) and additional options for how destination folders will be managed (including the option to transfer all photos from multiple folders on multiple cards into a single folder).

  • Multiple-processor support. Macs with twin processors will enjoy an even bigger speed bump in the background generation of thumbnails and previews as well as other processor-intensive operations.

  • Emailing of photos directly from the program.

Camera Bits will announce the release date for Photo Mechanic 4.1 for Mac at the PMA 2004 trade show in Las Vegas later this month.The US$150 program, which will run in OS X only, will be a free update to users who purchased or updated to Photo Mechanic 3 for Mac within 1 year of the upcoming release of Photo Mechanic 4.1 for Mac.

Photo Mechanic 4.0 for Windows is already available; it was released in 2003. The release date for v4.1 for Windows will also be announced at PMA 2004.

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