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Port Xtender adds modem support to Classic applications in Mac OS X  
Monday, August 2, 2004 | by Rob Galbraith

Metamage's Port XTender for Mac enables Classic applications running within OS X to use the computer's internal modem.

The software, which is comprised of an OS 9 system extension and OS X application, does indeed seem to function as advertised, or nearly so: previously, in the Classic application Telefinder User 5.7, the modem setup dialog was devoid of choosable serial ports. With Port XTender installed, a "Port XTender" port now appears and is choosable. And when clicking Connect to establish a modem link to a Telefinder server, our Powerbook G4/800's internal modem does indeed come to life.

Unfortunately, that's where the adventure ends, as the process fails a few seconds later.

Given the possibility that Port XTender might breathe life into the defunct but still useful Telefinder system - which, judging by the number of requests for configuration and use assistance we receive, is still in use at a number of newspaper photo departments around North America - we're not going to give up on Port XTender quite yet.

If Telefinder, or another Classic application that you depend on in your workflow, requires the ability to dial out through a modem, Port XTender may be worth a look. At US$100 for a single license, however, it's expensive for what it does. A fully--functioning demo version, which expires September 1, 2004 (not August 1, 2004 as the Metamage web site states), is available for download.

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