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Beta 2 of iView MediaPro posted  
Monday, November 13, 2000 | by
iView Mediapro, the follow-on to the popular Mac image cataloguing application iView Multimedia, is now at version beta 2. According to a note sent to beta testers, key iView MediaPro features include:
  • Mac OS X compatible, allows catalogs with up to 32,000 files.

  • Fast "in-line" editing of standard annotation and user definable fields, keywords and categories, with extensive use of favorites.

  • Advances Find and Save Queries across catalogs.

  • Basic Photo Calibration to enhance colors, sharpness and brightness.

  • Hierarchical Sets - Instant organization with hierarchical sets which can be used as folders to organize and view media files by keywords, categories, paths, or user defined sets, and applied for quick access in slideshow presentations.

  • User definable custom views, suitable for all exports, including printing, web pages, slide shows and QuickTime movies. Add fields, edit colors and fonts, and adjust image size and layout to suit your particular needs.

  • Advanced printing, based on custom views and size templates.

  • HTML Galleries, WYSIWYG or template based generation of html pages.

  • Slide Show projector uses fields and layout grids, including quarter and sixteenth screen playback. Supports audio-sync as well as transitions and individual file timer settings. Can save as stand-alone presentation which can be distributed royalty free.

  • Advanced Rendering using CMYK/RGB ColorSync.

  • Playback of any sequence of movies, audio files, MP3ís in any view.

  • Full Batch capabilities, image, audio and movie conversions, ColorSync embedding.

  • Comprehensive Media Info Panel, detailing meda information and metadata, including, amongst others: IPTC, EXIF-Digital Camera, ColorSync, Postscript, Dicom Medical, DTP and QT Movies.

  • Voice Annotation record, listen or extract embedded audio annotations.

  • Version Control backup and retrieval of individual media files.

  • Automated importing based on Folder Watching.

  • Import formats, include full HTML, PDF & EPS (requires GhostScript) rendering.

  • Synchronize annotations between catalogs and original files, also supports cross-platform editing (JPEG, Photoshop and QT Movie formats).

Mac computer requirements:

  • PowerPC G4 or newer
  • Mac OS 8.5 + (OS 9 is recommended)
  • CarbonLib 1.0.4 +
  • Quicktime 4.1+ (full installation; available free from Apple's web site)

Optional extensions (to display html and Colorsync):

  • ColorSync 3.0
  • HTMLRenderingLib 1.0 +

Optional file importers (download these elsewhere to view PDF and DICOM):

Beta 2 of iView MediaPro expires December 31, 2000.

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