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Thursday, June 22, 2000 | by
Welcome to the new, and thanks for your patience as I tuned the new look and feel of the site over the past several weeks. The site is 99% complete - some links on older portions of the site may head into the ozone until early next week, but otherwise expect few surprises as you cruise about these pages.

What's new at

Sponsorship. Lexar Media's no-strings-attached sponsorship of my web efforts means I can now devote my time equally between consulting to newspapers and this site. Previously, the web site always played second fiddle, or sometimes third fiddle, to paid endeavors. That will no longer be the case. I'm excited about expanding this site into what I hope will be the web's premier learning centre for digital photojournalists. I hope you'll help me make that happen.

A faster-loading design. Gone is the framed layout and icon-heavy previous design, so that you can get to the information you want faster. This site will look best in Internet Explorer 5 for Mac or Windows. Thanks to web wizard Megan Somerville for her assistance in making the old design become the new design.

Digital Photojournalism Forums. There are lots of places to talk about digital photography on the web, but few opportunities for news photographers to talk about the use of digital cameras in their line of work exclusively. The Digital Photojournalism Forums on this site are designed to provide that opportunity. There are six forum topics to start off, each moderated by a celebrity photojournalist. Okay, they may not be celebrities, but they do know their stuff. The moderators are:

  • Reed Hoffmann. He is a freelance photojournalist, digital trainer and a wizard with an NC 2000e, DCS 620 or a Nikon D1. Reed will oversee the Kodak/Canon Pro Digital forum.
  • Nick Didlick. Lighting ace and Nikon D1 photojournalist Nick Didlick will oversee the Location Lighting forum.
  • Rob Galbraith. I will be overseeing the Nikon D1 and Photoshop for Photographers forums.
  • Bob Deutsch. D2000 photojournalist and modem afficionado Bob Deutsch will oversee the Transmitting forum.
  • Bert Hanashiro. D2000 photojournalist Bert Hanashiro, a crack sports photographer and the Editor of Sports Shooter, will be overseeing a special forum at that's for readers of Bert's excellent Sports Shooter newsletter.

There are only two rules of the Digital Photojournalism Forums:

  1. Be nice and keep it professional.
  2. See #1.

To create a topic or post to an existing topic, free registration is required. See the privacy statement for information on how will use the information gathered.

A speedy search engine. No one was more surprised than I that this site had grown to over 800 pages in the last two years. To facilitate the finding of content old and new, the entire site, including PDF documents, is searchable.

The last several weeks have been about building a framework for the new site. With that done, I will now focus on expanding the content. Please enjoy your visit today, be sure to check out the forums and let me know what you think of the new look. Thanks for dropping by.

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