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FolderFTP for Windows streamlines photo uploading  
Wednesday, June 9, 2004 | by Rob Galbraith

FolderFTP 1.0 for Windows is a US$25 application designed to streamline the uploading of photos or other files to an FTP server.

The program will monitor a folder on a local hard drive or server for new files and automatically upload them, optionally renaming them in the process (to prevent naming conflicts on the server) as well as sending out an email - complete with the file names of the uploaded files - informing the sender or recipient that an upload has been completed.

Files can also be manually added to an upload queue, while optional filtering allows only files of a particular file type or maximum file size to be uploaded. A trial version is available, which is limited to the uploading of 10 files in a session.

Other freeware and shareware applications for Windows available from former professional photographer Jarle Aasland include:

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