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MediaPro 2.0 for Mac released  
Monday, September 8, 2003 | by Rob Galbraith

iView MediaPro has been our image cataloger of choice since the program first emerged under the name iView Multimedia way back in 1996. Over the years, it has grown into an impressive tool for keeping track of our CD and DVD archive of JPEG, TIFF and RAW format photos.

In fact, our entire browsing and archiving workflow is anchored around the 1-2 punch of Photo Mechanic and MediaPro. Ease of configuration and use, best-of-class support for RAW format photos from a variety of digital SLR cameras and colour-managed image display are the primary reasons we've standardized on MediaPro over its primary competitors Extensis Portfolio and Canto Cumulus.

As much as we like the program, however, we've had two ongoing gripes: the catalog limit, at 32,000 files, has been too skimpy, while the lack of a catalog viewer that we could freely distribute has limited the usefulness of the program for sharing photos with clients and friends.

iView MediaPro 2.0 for Mac

iView, the London, UK-based software developer, appears to have been listening. MediaPro 2.0 for Mac, released today, boosts the catalog limit to a healthy 128,000 files, adds a cross-platform catalog viewing application - iView Catalog Reader 1.0 - that may be freely distributed and more.

Other changes include improved file and folder management (we particularly like being able to easily view photos by date, as shown in the screenshot above), a PDF generator, a slide show maker that includes the ability to set transitions on a per-picture basis (and optionally save the show out as QuickTime movie), easier creation of web galleries and beefed-up colour management support.

MediaPro 2.0 for Mac is US$160. Upgrading from v1.5 or later of MediaPro is US$72; upgrading from Media 1.2, MediaPro's entry-level sibling, is US$128. MediaPro 2.0 is available direct from the iView web site in both boxed and downloadable versions. A fully-functioning, time-limited trial version of MediaPro 2.0 is also available. A Windows version is slated for release in January 2004.

iView Catalog Reader 1.0 for Mac and Windows is available as a separate download.

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