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Hoodman e-clipse E-2000 cuts the glare  
Friday, April 28, 2000 | by
Part of the fun of being a digital photojournalist is editing and transmitting photos right from the assignment. Shooting Triple AAA baseball in Calgary, I would often tote my Powerbook to the first base shooting position to select and send photos as the game progressed. Choosing the best pics almost always involved editing from memory, because the bright ambient light made it near-impossible to properly assess image content, colour or exposure.

Enter the e-clipse E-2000 laptop computer hood from Hoodman. The US$40 nylon shield fits snugly around the screen of most larger laptops, including all G3-powered Powerbooks. The collapsible frame hood springs from its flat carrying pouch, then forms itself to the contours of the computer. Once in place, using the E-2000 is reminiscent of peering into a handheld slide viewer of days gone by: to see the entire screen area, it's important to move in nice and close (closer than my son Fergus is demonstrating below!). Once you've adapted to the constricted viewing angle, however, it quickly becomes apparent that this is a must-have tool for laptop photo editing in bright surroundings, including under bright office fluorescents.

At US$40 it's not cheap, nor is it clear how well the stitching will stand up to extended use. But if you need to edit pictures where the light is bright, the e-clipse E-2000 will be hard to beat.

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