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Leica Digital Modul R delayed; sample images and online chat 11/23/04  
Monday, November 22, 2004 | by Eamon Hickey

The Leica Newsletter has distributed an update with several bits of news about the Digital Modul-R, the 10-megapixel interchangeable digital back for the R8 and R9 Leica SLR cameras.

Most importantly, Leica says that shipments of the Digital Modul-R, which were scheduled to begin in December 2004, will now begin in April 2005. The Newsletter blames software problems -- exactly what kind is not specified -- for the delay. To the best of our knowledge, the newsletter is not posted online (it's distributed by e-mail), so we've excerpted the part of the text related to the shipping delay at the end of this post.

The newsletter also says that additional sample pictures from the Modul-R will be posted at this location on Tuesday, November 23.

Also on November 23, from 6 to 10pm Central Europe Time, Leica will host an online chat session on the Modul-R. You must register to participate.

Excerpt from the Leica Newsletter:

At product introduction we announced that a serial
production was planned for December 2004. We regretfully
must inform you that we will not be able to adhere to this
plan. We now assume that the first deliveries will be in April

The reason for this delay is that some software
components that are needed for the universal insertion of
the digital solution could not be realized up to our standards
until now. A need for additional programming has surfaced.
We want to be absolutely sure that the LEICA DIGITAL-
MODUL-R is fully functional before delivery starts. Based
on the fact that it is rightly expected of us to fulfill the
expectations and to produce a near perfect product, then
this can be seen as the only right decision.


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