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GretagMacbeth launches Eye-One Beamer promotion  
Monday, April 26, 2004 | by Rob Galbraith

Digital projector users, take note: Purchasers of an Eye-One Photo (monitors, RGB printers) or Eye-One Publish (monitors, scanners, RGB and CMYK printers) colour profiling package between April 26-30, 2004 will be able to upgrade their system to include Eye-One Beamer for the profiling of digital projectors at no extra charge.

Also included in the short-term promotion is a storage case to house all of the Eye-One components, including the Beamer.

Current owners of an Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer can add the Beamer functionality for 50% off the normal upgrade price, while owners of the Eye-One Display colorimeter can upgrade to Eye-One Photo or Eye-One Publish with the Beamer and storage case included.

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