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Foveon announces new sensor  
Monday, February 11, 2002 | by
Foveon today has announced the X3, a new type of digital camera sensor that is able to measure and record the proportion of red, green and blue light striking an individual pixel. This is in contrast to traditional single chip CMOS and CCD sensors, whose individual pixels are able to measure one colour only and thereby require sophisticated interpolation processing to determine the actual colour of the pixel in the final image. Foveon claims the X3 offers better sharpness and fewer unwelcome image artifacts than has been possible previously from this class of imaging sensor. Foveon's web site provides extensive information on the new technology, as well as sample photos. A New York Times article notes that Sigma will release an SLR based on the new sensor later this month. Called the SD9, it is expected to sell for about US$3000. Digital Photography Review has published additional information on the X3.
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