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Nikon issues service advisory for D2H, D70  
Monday, September 26, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

Nikon today has issued a service advisory for the D2H and D70. The advisory states that Nikon will repair, at no charge to the owner, cameras that are exhibiting the malfunctions described.

Affected D2H cameras will experience "(1) a freezing of the electronic analog exposure display accompanied by a display of the same exposure settings regardless of exposure and/or camera settings, or (2) is unable to focus automatically..." These symptoms have for months been reported on various Nikon-focused Internet forums by D2H owners, as well as directly to us by several newspapers we've done training work for, so it's good to see that Nikon is now formally addressing the problem.

The D70 error condition isn't the same: "...(1) when a memory card is inserted, your D70's memory card access lamp blinks, locking camera operations and preventing operation, or (2) with no memory card inserted, the camera will not turn on despite the battery indicator showing a fully charged battery..."

The versions of the advisory issued by Nikon in the U.S. and Europe stress that these repairs will be completed at Nikon's expense; presumably this will be true in all other Nikon marketing regions. Nikon USA's advisory asks that customers who had their cameras repaired by Nikon USA to correct these problems, and were charged for the repairs, to contact Nikon support. The advisory doesn't indicate what action Nikon USA will take in this case.

The advisory further emphasizes that only a limited number of cameras will require repair. The N55/F55 film camera is also covered in the advisory, for an AF system malfunction.


Instructions for contacting Nikon USA and Nikon Europe to arrange for service of these problems may be found by following the links below. The Nikon USA Service Advisory also contains instructions on how to proceed for those that have already had their camera repaired and paid for that repair. 

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