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FixerLabs releases SizeFixer SLR  
Tuesday, November 2, 2004 | by Eamon Hickey
FixerLabs has released a program called SizeFixer SLR, which the company says can scale an image's size up as much as 400% without loss of sharpness.

SizeFixer is currently available for Windows XP only but a Mac OS X version is promised "shortly". The application is delivered on CD and costs US$249.

FixerLabs also offers SizeFixer as a service: you upload an image to a FixerLabs server, and the company will upsize it and return it to you by ftp, airmail, or FedEx. The cost for this is normally US$73 per image, but FixerLabs is currently offering a 60% discount on your first use of SizeFixer Service.
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