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G-Connect combines hard drive and wireless router in one  
Wednesday, June 22, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has unveiled the G-Connect, a device that combines a portable USB 2.0 hard drive, 802.11b/g/n wireless video streaming and storage for iOS devices plus basic Wi-Fi routing all in one. Drive capacity is 500GB, while wireless routing options include connecting the device to an Ethernet port and sharing that wired connection out to multiple wireless users. In development is an app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that will enable direct access to files on the G-Connect.

Connected: The G-Connect (Photo courtesy Hitachi Global Storage Technologies)

When used exclusively as a portable hard drive plugged into the USB port of a computer, it draws the power it needs from that computer. For standalone use, power comes from an included AC adapter, the G-Connect does not have an internal battery.

The G-Connect, which will be sold under the G-Technology brand, is to ship next month for US$199.99 when purchased direct from Hitachi Global Storage Technologies in the U.S.

This is the latest product designed to give iOS device owners local wireless access to their files and video in the field, and the only one we know of that includes wireless routing complete with bridging of a wired Ethernet connection. Competing devices include:
  • Wearable AirStash Runs from an internal battery, stores files on an SD/SDHC card (not included)

  • Kingston Wi-Drive Runs from an internal battery, stores files on flash memory (16GB or 32GB)

  • Seagate GoFlex Satellite Runs from an internal battery, stores files on a 500GB hard drive
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