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Photojournalism and the iPhone, Hipstamatic, and Instagram  
Tuesday, April 24, 2012 | by Eamon Hickey
Several recent articles and posts take on the topic of how photojournalism is, or may be, changing as a result of new technologies and practices exemplified by the iPhone, Hipstamatic, and Instagram. 

BloombergBusinessWeek has published a slideshow featuring photographs and brief commentary by twelve photojournalists who have worked with iPhones, the special effects app Hipstamatic, and the effects/photo sharing app Instagram. Among the photographers featured are The New York Times's Damon Winter, VII Agency's Joachim Ladefoged, and Getty Images's Ben Lowy.

In that slideshow, BloombergBusinessWeek links to a statement made last year by Winter, who has won a Pulitzer Prize and many Picture of the Year International prizes, after his iPhone Hipstamatic work in Afghanistan won a third place prize in the 2011 POYi judging. That decision drew criticism from photographers who believe that the stylized effects created by Hipstamatic don't belong in photojournalism images.

The UC Berkeley News Center, which is evidently the house publication of the university's public relations office, has posted a story on Richard Koci Hernandez's Instagram work. Hernandez is a former San Jose Mercury News staff photographer and two-time Pulitzer nominee who is now an assistant professor at UC Berkeley's graduate school of journalism. His ongoing stream of iPhone images have garnered him 113,000 Instagram followers. In the article, he discusses the changing nature of photo and visual journalism.

A brief article on the web site of the Chicago Tribune profiles Pulitzer Prize winner and former U.S. presidential photographer David Hume Kennerly, who has recently become a heavy user of the iPhone and Hipstamatic.
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