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Site server transition complete, modest redesign underway  
Wednesday, July 20, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

The transition of this web site from one server to two servers is complete. Now, the news side of the site is on one server, and is accessible at, while the forums side of the site is now found at

There is a page-load quirk involving Internet Explorer for Windows that is impacting the forums currently, and we hope to have that resolved soon. Otherwise, both halves of the site appearing to be loading quickly and running smoothly.

In addition, we've begun implementing some changes to the design of the news side of the site.

The first thing regular visitors will notice is that the Quick Links text box on the right side of the front page is gone. The Quick Links articles are not; they have been moved to the centre News column, which is where links to all site content will appear from here on in.

We've also tweaked the appearance of article pages slightly, removing the various text boxes at right (they appear now on the front page of the site only) to make more room for article text and pictures on lower-resolution monitors.

Over the summer we'll be implementing other changes, including an RSS feed for the news side of the site, a new search engine, two new, simpler ways of accessing older content and a few other minor layout modifications. We'll announce the more-significant alterations as they're brought online.

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