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Photo Mechanic 4.0.2 for Windows adds NEF browsing  
Monday, June 2, 2003 | by Rob Galbraith

Changes in v4.0.2 of Photo Mechanic for Windows include the ability to browse (but not adjust or convert) Nikon NEF format photos and a noticeable improvement in the clarity of both thumbnails and previews with other supported formats.

The full list of changes (from the v4.0.2 Read Me):

  • Added support for browsing Nikon NEF files. All current NEF formats, except those from the original Nikon D1, can be previewed in a fast-and-fuzzy mode. This is not an accurate rendition of the raw image data, but merely a preview as saved by the camera for quick scanning of NEF files.  Support for full resolution previewing and saving will be added at a later date.
  • Added support for loading and saving IPTC info as Adobe XMP files. These are XML-formatted text files as defined by Adobe Systems, Inc.
  • Changed display scaling to improve the sharpness. If you experienced "fuzzy" thumbnails and previews in the previous releases of Photo Mechanic, this was due to the scaling method Photo Mechanic was using, and is NOT an indication that your photos are blurry or downsampled.  Photo Mechanic now uses a different scaling method for display.  This simple change has improved the apparent sharpness of the photos, but the actual photo quality is still untouched by Photo Mechanic as in previous versions.  To determine actual photo quality, please view your photos in an image editor that can support scaling at 100% or more (like Photoshop).
  • Photo Mechanic now honors the preference setting for default resolution when captioning or copying camera JPEGs.  Previous versions of Photo Mechanic had this value hardwired to 300 DPI.  This setting is only a default for printing and does not affect the actual pixels.
  • Fixed a problem when trying to rename a group of photos that already have the same naming format (e.g. {seqn}).  Also fixed a renaming and copy-with-rename problem when the contact sheet was sorted differently than the order of the files in the directory.
  • When copying photos to a folder that is currently being viewed as a contact sheet, Photo Mechanic now automatically updates the view.

Photo Mechanic 4.0.2 for Windows is free for most licensed users of a previous version (see the Camera Bits web site for upgrade details). A single user license is US$150. The program will operate as a fully-functioning trial version for 2 weeks before registration is required. The Mac version remains at v3.2.4.

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