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Astronaut loses camera during spacewalk  
Tuesday, December 19, 2006 | by Eamon Hickey
In a move that will be familiar to anyone who's ever lost track of their camera for a moment, NASA astronaut Sunita Williams didn't get her digital SLR properly clipped to her spacesuit during a 7-hour spacewalk on Saturday. Without gravity to corral it, the camera was soon a fugitive, and the amusing video clip inevitably made it to YouTube.

The spacewalk was part of an effort to free a stuck solar array on the International Space Station. It's not clear whether Williams's tool belt clip failed or the camera got loose by other means, but its trajectory is being studied by debris analysts, according to a story at (see the very end of the article).

It's impossible to tell for sure from the video what model of camera it was, and we couldn't find that information in any of the news stories, but from its shape we're guessing it was one of the Kodak DCS models that NASA is known to make heavy use of.
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