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Dave Black releases The Way I See It app for iPad  
Wednesday, July 7, 2010 | by Rob Galbraith
Dave Black, a superb sports photographer who's also known for his lightpainting and small flash skills, has released The Way I See It as an app for Apple's iPad. This new version of his 2009 self-published book incorporates 50 of Black's photographs with explanations about them, both technical and conceptual. The iPad's crisp, colour accurate screen serves as a great place to display his work, though the non-zoomable text on many pages is uncomfortably small.

Turning Point: A screenshot from Dave Black's The Way I See It for iPad

The Way I See it for iPad is US$14.99 from the Apple App Store within iTunes. It's also available as an 11 x 13 inch printed book and an electronic download intended for computer viewing.

The iPad version was published with the assistance of Wind River Creative.
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