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CF Performance Database updated  
Tuesday, February 25, 2003 | by Rob Galbraith

Added to the CompactFlash Performance Database this month are cards from Pretec, Delkin, Lexar Media and Transcend (including the new Transcend 30X models). The database of write speed performance on this site now includes 34 different cards, tested in up to 11 different digital SLR cameras.

CompactFlash cards added:

  • Delkin PRO 256MB
  • Delkin PRO 320MB
  • Lexar Media 256MB 4X
  • Transcend 256MB 30X
  • Transcend 512MB 30X
  • Pretec 512MB
  • Pretec 1GB

The results from several other cards have been updated. These cards, when originally tested, were early production models; to ensure that the results were typical of these cards as they are shipping today, they have been retested.The cards whose results have been updated are:

  • Delkin PRO 512MB
  • Delkin PRO 640MB
  • Lexar Media 256MB 24X WA (Write Acceleration)
  • Lexar Media 512MB 24X WA (Write Acceleration
  • Sandisk Ultra 512MB

In many cases, the newer production cards were faster than those originally tested, across the entire suite of cameras. In almost all cases, the performance improvement was statistically insignificant: well under 5%. The noticeable exception is the Sandisk Ultra 512MB, whose performance increased well in excess of 5% in several cameras.

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