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PhotoShelter revamps pricing, adds free account option  
Wednesday, November 1, 2006 | by Rob Galbraith

PhotoShelter has this week revamped their pricing and rolled out a free account option. The online photo archiving, sales and distribution site for working shooters, which has about 1500 members now and has undergone rapid expansion in the features offered since it launched in mid-2005, now offers four basic subscription levels. Among them is a new no-cost Starter plan designed to give photographers a longer opportunity to get familiar with PhotoShelter than was possible with the service's seven-day trial previously.

An excerpt from a note sent to PhotoShelter members earlier this week outlines the new price structure:

What are the key differences with the new structure? PhotoShelter now has four base subscription plans:

  • The "Starter" plan is free and comes with 50MB of disk space and 25MB of high-resolution bandwidth. This option is meant to give new potential subscribers a way to try out PhotoShelter beyond the 7-day trial period. Because of the low disk space and bandwidth quota, this plan may not be appealing beyond a trial basis. (The "Starter" plan does not include a listing within the Photographer's Directory.)
  • The "Basic" plan is $9.99/month, and includes 10GB of disk space, plus 5GB of high-resolution bandwidth. This is where people start to get serious, and you'll probably end up saving a few bucks each month compared to the old pricing.
  • The "Standard" plan is $29.99/month and includes 35GB of disk space plus 20GB of high-resolution bandwidth, the Seamless Customization Option, and we waive the $50 sales activation fee. This is our most popular bundle.
  • The "Pro" plan is $49.99/month and includes 100GB of disk space, plus 50GB of high-resolution bandwidth, the Seamless Customization Option, the $50 sales activation fee is waived, and soon, enhanced pro-level statistics.

Each subscription plan comes with high resolution bandwidth, and no longer requires a "Bandwidth Subscription". The "Seamless Customization Option" is no longer a stand-alone offering and can only be obtained with a Standard or Pro plan.

More information on the revised pricing is on a page on the PhotoShelter website. A tour of PhotoShelter is here.

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