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Imaging Resource: Camera outputs descriptions in place of photos  
Friday, April 27, 2012 | by Eamon Hickey
Imaging Resource has a brief write-up on the "Descriptive Camera, 2012", a camera created by NYU student Matt Richardson. When you compose a picture and press the shutter release, the camera prints out a written description of your subject, rather than a photo.

The device works by using's "Mechanical Turk" service, which uses a network of human beings on the Internet to perform tasks that computers can't. 

The Descriptive Camera is built out of a USB webcam and a mini thermal receipt printer enclosed in a simple case. When you press the shutter release it sends the resulting image through the Mechanical Turk API. A person in the Mechanical Turk network looks at the image and writes a quick description which is sent back to the camera and printed out for the photographer on the receipt printer. The whole process reportedly takes from three to six minutes.

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