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New Canadian photojournalism magazine to launch this month  
Tuesday, August 16, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

The launch issue of a new quarterly magazine showcasing the work of Canadian photojournalists is slated to be published later this month.

Called C-ing Magazine, it's the brainchild of Calgary, Canada-based photographers Keith Morison and Colleen Hughes. All content, says Morison, who is the magazine's publisher, will come from Canadian shooters: " C-ing Magazine will be a venue for Canadian photojournalists to really spread their wings and tell their stories as they deserve to be told. We want to be a showcase for Canadian visual storytelling and we'll be looking at the entire world through the lenses of Canadian photojournalists."

The first issue, which runs 56 slightly-oversized magazine pages and is to be printed on a no-reflection semi-matt paper, includes 5 photo essays and 6 single images as well as a smattering of advertising. The lead essay is a 10-page excerpt from the 2004 book Women in Medicine: A Celebration of their Work by Ted Grant and Sandy Carter. There is also a story on caring for the lions in a Guatemala zoo by Manuel Salazar, a backstage look at a ballet company in Belarus by Menno Meijer and a selection of photos from the ECNPA/WCNPA Canada Day Project. Though Morison is reluctant to use the L-word, it's clear that he and Managing Editor Hughes are using Life magazine in its heyday partly as their model.

Says Morison: "C-ing is by photojournalists, but it's not just for photojournalists. We see a broader market for it than that."

C-ing Magazine - the launch issue

C-ing Magazine is expected to be available initially only by subscription (though Morison says a domestic newsstand distribution deal is nearing completion that may see the launch issue appear at outlets across Canada). Four issues of the magazine are CDN$25+GST for delivery in Canada, CDN$45 for delivery to the U.S. and CDN$70 for delivery everywhere else.

Charter subscribers who sign up by the end of business on Friday, August 19, 2005 will actually receive five issues as part of their subscription: the launch issue plus four more after that. A limited number of free copies of the launch issue are also to be made available, for delivery both within Canada and elsewhere; register to receive a free copy on the C-ing web site. The deadline for registering to receive the launch issue at no charge is also Friday, August 19, 2005 (though registering, says Morison, doesn't guarantee a free copy, since a modest budget for the initial issue means they can only ship out a certain number of copies at no charge within Canada and elsewhere).

A PDF version of the launch issue will be posted to the C-ing web site as well, sometime around the middle of September 2005. Subsequent issues will be available only as ink-on-paper versions, says Morison.

Mailing of the launch issue is to commence late in the week of August 22, 2005. Allowing for the time it will take to prep and ship all copies, as well as time in-transmit, Morison expects that most subscribers and free-copy requestors will receive the launch issue by mid-September 2005.

Note: As of this writing, the C-ing web site doesn't display properly in the Safari web browser for Mac.

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