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Fuji Super CCD and resolution  
Tuesday, February 8, 2000 | by
John Van Beekum reminded me that the Fuji Super CCD in the S1 Pro is not an actual 6 megapixel CCD, it's a 3.something megapixel CCD that uses octagonal pixels and some clever math to deliver 6 million square pixels. Fuji claims that their honeycomb pixel design delivers the equivalent of 6 million pixels worth of fine detail, which may or may not be true.

Given how different the Super CCD's design is from conventional square-pixel CCD's, I think it's only fair to wait until the camera is complete, then do a controlled test of the S1 Pro and a camera with a true 6 million pixel CCD, like the DCS 660, to see if Fuji's claim stands up. The Imaging Resource website has done such a comparison from PMA, but given the difficulty of conducting a fair test under the conditions in which the Imaging Resource folks were presented, including the use of different lenses from camera to camera, I'm reluctant to draw any conclusions from their results.

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