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Inflatable Photo Studio evolves from curiosity to full product line  
Monday, January 24, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
The Inflatable Photo Studio, a line of portable enclosures designed to allow for the quick deployment of a controlled lighting environment on location, has evolved from Internet curiosity to a series of real products now. Comprised of seven flexible plastic models in different sizes and features, all are inflated with the help of one or two industrial fans for promised rapid setup.

Air Bag: The two versions of The Hooligan model of the Inflatable Photo Studio (Photo courtesy Brian Hedenberg)

The Inflatable Photo Studio enclosures are the brainchild of New York-based photographer and filmmaker Brian Hedenberg. The newly-launched product website shows prices ranging from US$829 for the 12ft/3.7m x 10ft/3m x 10ft/3m, single-fan El Macho to US$1199 for the 30ft/9.1m x 20ft/6.1m x 15ft/4.6m, dual-fan The Libertine. Prices are said to rise on February 15, 2011.

More information is on the Inflatable Photo Studio website. Note that the tone of the site is best described as irreverent, while several product descriptions as well as certain entries in the FAQ section are downright wacky.
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