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DxO Optics Pro gains RAW support, updated to v2.0  
Thursday, September 16, 2004 | by Eamon Hickey

The company formerly known as DO Labs has changed its name to DxO Labs and announced version 2.0 of DxO Optics Pro, its image enhancement application. It has also announced DxO Raw Engine, a new module for DxO Optics Pro which brings that program's image enhancement features to RAW format images. DxO Optics Pro previously worked on JPEG images only.

DxO Raw Engine is essentially a new RAW conversion application, which will both demosaic RAW images and apply the image enhancements available in DxO Optics Pro -- corrections for blur, distortion, vignetting and lateral chromatic aberration -- to those RAW images. More information on these corrections is available in this article previously published on this site.

A DxO Labs press release claims several advantages for DxO Raw Engine, including more detailed images with fewer conversion artifacts than those produced by other RAW conversion applications and "subtler and more accurate" vignetting and blur corrections than are possible when using DxO Optics Pro with JPEG images.

DxO Raw Engine also offers white balance and exposure adjustments during the RAW conversion process, ICC color profile support, and a batch processing feature.

DxO Raw Engine will become available in mid-October in versions for both Windows and Macintosh (Compatible OS versions are not specified.) Until December 1, 2004 it will be free with DxO Optics Pro to both new and existing users. As of December 1st the Raw Engine module will cost US$119 or 99 euros.

According to the DxO Labs press release, the simultaneously announced DxO Optics Pro 2.0 offers the following improvements over version 1.1:

  • full support for ICC profile management
  • improved EXIF data handling (for both JPEG as well as RAW)
  • live histogram displaying individual color channels
  • thumbnail view of all images with pre-flight status indications and new preview window to apply various settings to the images and visualize results

DxO Optics Pro 2.0 will also be available direct from DxO Labs in mid-October for both Windows and Macintosh. (No OS version information is given, but DxO Optics Pro 1.1 is compatible with Windows 2000/XP or Mac OS 10+.) The price for DxO Optics Pro 2.0 is also not given (v1.1 costs US$49), but it will be a free upgrade for current registered users of version 1.x.

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