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Nikon D200 on track to ship December 15  
Friday, December 2, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

The D200 is on track to ship on its planned worldwide release date of December 15, 2005, says Mary Mulder, National Sales Manager at Nikon Canada.

At the time of the camera's announcement, the date the D200 would begin to ship from Nikon to dealers was promised to be sometime in either mid-December or late December, depending on which Nikon region's announcement information you were reading. And while Nikon USA has not yet confirmed to us that they too will be shipping the new digital SLR model to pro photo retailers on that day, the statement from Nikon Canada's Mulder, as well as an earlier announcement from Nikon UK establishing December 15th as the sales date, suggest that the camera will in fact come available on or shortly after the middle of this month.

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