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GretagMacbeth to ship ProfileMaker 5 trio in March  
Friday, February 13, 2004 | by Rob Galbraith

GretagMacbeth announced this week that ProfileMaker 5, its flagship ICC profiling, profile editing and measurement application, will split into three packages aimed at different markets: ProfileMaker Photostudio for professional studio photography, ProfileMaker Publish for prepress-publishing and ProfileMaker Packaging for multicolor packaging-textile printing.

Of greatest interest to photographers will be ProfileMaker Photostudio. It will include an all-new digital camera profiling module (as well an all-new Digital ColorChecker SG profiling target) and the ability to measure the spectral characteristics of both flash and ambient light. It will create (and edit) ICC v4 profiles for both LCD and CRT monitors, RGB/CMYK/Hexachrome/CMYK+Red/Blue output devices and include an improved Color Picker module for measuring and incorporating spot colors.

Individual ProfileMaker 5 modules will also be available for purchase individually. The software is planned for release at the end of March 2004 for both Mac and Windows.

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