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Band Aide" noise filter for the D1 looming  
Monday, May 15, 2000 | by
Low-light Nikon D1 shooters, this filter's for you. Camera Bits is poised to release a Photoshop plug-in called Band Aide that will offer what is easily the best available D1 high-ISO noise filtering from within Photoshop.

Dennis Walker of Camera Bits has worked with Mike Chaney to incorporate - and improve on - the excellent D1 noise filtering capability of the Windows-only batch printing application QImage Pro. The Photoshop plug-in, which should be released for Mac later this month, and Windows shortly thereafter, will sell for US$99 on its own, and will also be packaged with the US$189 Quantum Mechanic Pro.

Band Aide does a superb job of knocking down the high-frequency luminance pitting that can severely hamper the printability of high-ISO D1 photos, especially those sharpened for newsprint output. Horizontal banding is also subdued. I'm happy to report that it works quickly as well: filtering an uncropped D1 image on Powerbook G3/500 takes about 14 seconds. A beta of the Mac version may be posted as early as this week on the Camera Bits website.

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