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PhotoShelter launches one terabyte for US$1000 photo storage  
Tuesday, March 6, 2007 | by Rob Galbraith
PhotoShelter, the online photo archiving, sales and distribution site for working shooters, is now offering one terabyte of online photo storage as a US$1000/year addition to PhotoShelter Standard and Professional subscription accounts. Even after factoring in the cost of the subscription (about US$360/year and US$600/year, respectively), PhotoShelter's big storage option is one of the least expensive ways we know of for a photographer to backup a significant archive of photos offsite while still having those photos readily accessible online when needed.
The one terabyte for US$1000/year option, as well as a new 500GB for US$600/year plan, are available starting today. To kickstart the process of adding many MBs to your account, PhotoShelter will load the contents of any capacity of hard drive for a flat fee of US$50 (the cost of return shipping for the drive would be on top of that).
As with all PhotoShelter accounts and options, the list of file formats supported includes a broad range of over 400 image types, including JPEG, TIFF, PSD and various RAW. While the company is developing support for a small number of non-image file formats, such as text documents, there are no immediate plans to turn PhotoShelter storage into a general purpose file repository; the new big storage options are suitable for archiving photos only.
More information is in the press release below.

Press Release

PhotoShelter Alters the Online Photo Archive Landscape: One Terabyte of Online Storage at One Low Price
PhotoShelter’s Advanced Architecture Provides Inexpensive Online Storage for Professional
Photographers; Subscribers Get One Terabyte of Storage for $1,000 per Year
NEW YORK, N.Y., March 6, 2007 – BitShelter Inc®, the creator of PhotoShelter®, a leading online archive and marketplace for professional photographers, today announced that the company will now offer one terabyte of redundant storage at a cost of $1,000 per year to all Standard and Professional PhotoShelter account subscribers.  For less than the price of a typical home-based redundant archiving system, this offer is perfect for professional photographers who are looking for a cost-effective way to ensure that their data is safe, without having to build and maintain their own RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) systems.  In addition, PhotoShelter also offers its subscribers an equally affordable 500 gigabytes of storage space for $600 per year.
PhotoShelter provides professional photographers a truly affordable and robust archive system, along with the tools and resources needed to turn their image storage into sales.  With mirrored datacenters on the East and West Coasts of the United States each employing RAID technology, PhotoShelter provides disaster-proof storage that is both locally and geographically redundant.  The system allows for 24-hour online accessibility, while simultaneously serving as a sales platform that enables photographers to create galleries, determine fair market value, sell images, add search capabilities to personal sites and create RSS syndication feeds.
“Our new pricing structure makes PhotoShelter a clear choice for professional photographers to store their entire image archive online," said Allen Murabayashi, CEO of Bitshelter Inc. "Photographers have enough demands placed on them, and worrying about data loss shouldn’t be one of them. For less than the price of a home-based RAID system, photographers can not only store their images, but integrate their website, distribute high-resolution images, and license their full archives as well. PhotoShelter is a complete solution.”
PhotoShelter is currently experiencing unprecedented growth in data uploads, averaging 2.5 TB per week and climbing.  As a response to this growth, BitShelter engineers developed the unique technology to make this exclusive storage offer possible. The offer is designed for professional photographers who are regularly required to store their archives in a secure environment that is accessible anywhere they travel.  PhotoShelter’s architecture provides back-up storage with multiple data centers on the East and West Coasts, ensuring that images are protected against any possible disaster. With PhotoShelter’s redundant storage system, professional photographers are actually receiving two terabytes of storage space – extra protection at no extra cost.
“For photographers looking for another layer of securing their data, not to mention having 24/7 access anywhere you have an Internet connection, PhotoShelter is the solution.  The user interface and the all of the different abilities to disseminate image files are priceless. It's clear that a lot of research, planning and thought has gone into PhotoShelter,” said Court Leve, Gravityhook Productions.  “PhotoShelter’s one terabyte storage offer is by far the most cost effective online storage center I have been able to find anywhere.  Their customer service is second to none, with email response time in a matter of hours, not days or weeks - not to mention that if you do call, a real live human answers the phone, not a voice mail system.  For professional photographers who are serious about the longevity of their images, PhotoShelter is a no-brainer.”
Photographers with slow connections to the Internet, or those wishing to avoid the online uploading process entirely, can take advantage of PhotoShelter’s drive upload service. Ship a hard drive filled with images to PhotoShelter and the images will be deposited directly into their archive.
Pricing and Availability
The one terabyte of data offer is available today to all Standard ($29.99/month) and Pro PhotoShelter ($49.99/month) account subscribers. This extra storage space can be added to any of these accounts at the following prices:
-        One Terabyte of storage: $1,000 per year
-        500 Gigabytes of storage: $600 per year
About PhotoShelter
PhotoShelter, created by BitShelter Inc., is the ultimate workflow solution for professional photographers.  Combining industry-leading distribution and sales tools with a redundant, disaster-proof image archiving solution, PhotoShelter is the only system suitable for the world’s most important images. PhotoShelter empowers individual photographers by providing a comprehensive online archive and marketplace More top photographers choose PhotoShelter to handle their images than any other online system.  For more information on PhotoShelter, go to
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