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Eye-Fi releases firmware update for Eye-Fi X2 cards  
Tuesday, October 26, 2010 | by Rob Galbraith
Eye-Fi has today released firmware v4.2120 for their X2 line of wireless/memory SD combo cards. The update shortens the time it takes to establish a connection when uploads are pending, reduces power consumption when in standby mode and implements other feature tweaks and bug fixes.

To install, insert an Eye-Fi X2 card into a reader connected to your computer, launch Eye-Fi Center then click on the card's icon within the application.

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The full list of stated changes are below.

v4.2120 (26 Oct 2010)

  • Improved 802.11 interoperability
  • Better support for 802.11d regulatory domains
  • Significantly reduced stand-by power consumption
  • Faster connection establishment when uploads are pending
  • More predictable endless memory operation
  • Improved reliability with 1,000+ photos and videos recorded on the card
  • Some additional improvement of geo-tagging in some Eye-Fi connected cameras
  • More stable Devicescape EasyWiFi hotspot authentication


  • Fixed non-uploading videos when recorded as the last item during a live session
  • Fixed incomplete handling of photos or videos that were write-protected to be shared while uploading already
  • Fixed incorrect sorting of wireless scan results that could result in connecting to a more distant AP in the presence of multiple APs with the same SSID matching a network profile

NOTE: For customers with Eye-Fi X2 Cards running firmware version 4.1017 or earlier, the firmware update may result in a failure message after the 30-second countdown. If this occurs, please do not be alarmed and follow the instructions to remove your Eye-Fi Card and reinsert it. If you do not get prompted for a firmware update again after reinserting card, the firmware update was completed successfully despite the erroneous message.

Thanks to Marcel Mutter for bringing this to our attention.
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