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LPA Design rolls out long range mode in MultiMAX public beta firmware  
Friday, December 18, 2009 | by Rob Galbraith
Trigger Happy: LPA Design PocketWizard MultiMAX in long range mode. Click photo to enlarge (Photo by Rob Galbraith/Little Guy Media)
LPA Design has commenced public beta testing of firmware v7.35 Build 12 for the PocketWizard MultiMAX wireless radio remote (USB port model).

The key feature of this release is a slick long range mode meant for triggering primarily remote cameras from a distance or at crowded shooting events like the Olympics. The new firmware also introduces the ability to move a Custom ID channel (if present in the unit) to a different frequency, plus you can now configure a receiver to be active on more than one ABCD zone at a time.

Rounding out the changes are a new signal strength indicator, as well as a close range operating mode designed to improve signal reliability when the transmitter is in very close proximity to the receiver.

Firmware v7.35 Build 12 retains the noise sniffer and repeater features of the v7.33 beta released in 2008. The MultiMAX screenshots below give a glimpse at some of the new screens you will see. Note that these screenshots were captured with an earlier, private beta release of v7.35, and the menus been tweaked slightly since that time.


On Screen: Menu screenshots from beta firmware v7.35 for the USB port MultiMAX

A complete description of what has changed in v7.35 Build 12 is in a PDF. Information on this and other public beta firmware testing programs currently being conducted by LPA Design is here.

Installing MultiMAX public beta firmware 7.35 Build 12

If you've not participated in public beta firmware testing for the MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 for Canon in the last couple of months, then you'll need to go through a couple of simple setup steps before you can access and install beta firmware in your USB port-equipped MultiMAX.

Start by downloading PocketWizard Utility v1.18.9 for Mac and Windows here.

Once you've installed and launched v1.18.9, access the PocketWizard Utility Settings dialog by clicking the button with the blue icon in the lower right corner of the program's main window. Once there, click the Firmware Updates tab and then select the beta tester radio button. Click OK to save your settings and you're now a beta tester. (Before you leave the dialog you might want to also set other new preferences to your liking.)

Connect your MultiMAX to your computer via USB, then hold down the display light button while turning on the unit to RECEIVE. The MultiMAX will enter USB mode. The display will be blank and the red light will blink.

Click Check for Updates in PocketWizard Utility and you'll be presented with a list of beta firmware currently available, including v7.35 Build 12. Download and update the firmware in each of your MultiMAX units.

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