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FotoStation 4 Build 78 nearing release  
Monday, January 31, 2000 | by
Responding to user complaints, Fotoware has added full IPTC field support to Build 78 of FotoStation 4 for Mac/Windows. Other additions in the soon-to-be-released update include:
  • Full drag and drop support to other applications, including into Outlook Express message windows, for easy attachment of files to outgoing email messages. This brings the Mac version nearly on par with the Windows version, which already has auto-attaching of files to email messages.
  • Images can be rotated with keyboard shortcuts, bypassing the clunky rotate dialog.
  • Drag and drop to Mac Finder works more reliably. Copy and Move operations are now handled by the Finder, resulting in speedier and more reliable file management.
  • The PICT thumbnail is always ignored in the Mac version, eliminating a problem with fuzzy thumbnails if the file was first processed by Nikon View DX.
  • A Regenerate Thumbnail command will force the rebuilding of the thumbnail from the hi-res data if the quality of the current thumbnail is poor.
  • The ISO value in the D1's EXIF data is now extracted and displayed in FotoStation's Image Information.
  • All offline archives can be browsed and searched as one big archive, instead of as separate archives.

This update addresses most of the concerns I had with FotoStation 4 Build 75, and makes the program significantly better at rotating, captioning and copying large numbers of files. Build 78 will be shown at Fotoware's booth at PMA this week, and released as soon as it's declared bug-free.

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